Kathleen Beegan became interested in a more holistic and body centred approach to health whilst working for the NHS in Haematology in the 80’s and was drawn to study Shiatsu and Macrobiotics, qualifying as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 1991.

thumbnail_IMG_6102Following the birth of her 2 children and the inspiration of attending Active Birth Classes,  she completed a 2 year training with Janet Balaskas and qualified as an Active Birth Teacher in 1997.  Wishing to further her understanding of Yoga she embarked on a 2 year Teacher Training course with tutors inspired by the work of Sandra Sabatini a pupil of Vanda Scarevelli.

Kathleen has been practising  Shiatsu & teaching Yoga classes in South London since the 1990’s. Her work as a Doula  informs her pre natal classes and birth preparation sessions,  she has been a course tutor on the Yogabirth Teacher Training Course and a Yogabirth Committee Member. An M.S.L.C representative at St Thomas’s & King’s College Hospital London attending meetings about improving and updating maternity services.   Kathleen  worked at Chelsea and Westminster in the Birth Centre as a doula for low risk women in labour, my role as a doula to support women and their partner’s in enabling normal birth through simple methods of touch, breath, different positions which will help reduce pain and encourage the normal cascade of birthing hormones; to include the partner in this process with guidance in simple methods.

It is through her own yoga practice that she feels able to sustain and to assist women in exploring their own birthing potential.  Whether you attend a General Yoga or a Pre Natal Pregnancy Yoga Class the outcome should be that you individually feel better more aware of how your body and mind feels – to make the connection between the two.  The Yoga I teach  improves your flexibility without force; improves your breathing and circulation.  It encourages you to take time and responsibility for your on-going physical/ mental health and well-being it really is such a gift.

My view is that birth is a natural process and should be viewed as natural and normal unless there are signs to suggest otherwise. It cannot, however, be compartmentalised.

Women have lost confidence in their ability to give birth because
‘risk is over emphasised’  Yoga allows women to become more aware of their breath, their body’s,  their innate ability through generations of women to give birth because they are less tense, fearful, worried. When women feel calm and confident the hormones of labour flow……………..