Birth Preparation Day:

 Couples & Partners Birth Preparation Days are held on a Sunday from 13.30pm - 17.30 pm,  Maximum Group 5 couples minimum 2 couples.  The next dates: 22nd September and 24th November 2019.

I can also offer one – one Private Birth Preparation Sessions couples at my studio or in your home.

please e-mail Kathleen to book on or Tel 07753700435

Venue: Kathleen’s Studio 41 Stanthorpe Road London SW16 2DZ

The emphasis of these workshops is on ‘Keeping Birth Normal’

This is a practical day for you both.  Every woman whether she plans to have a hospital or home birth will need to begin the early part of her labour at home and feel confident and relaxed allowing her labour to come to her in familiar comfortable surroundings – she can rest eat and drink and conserve her energy for when she needs it.

We will achieve this by following a ‘Woman Centred Approach’  so that your partner can support you during the labour with rest, massage, food and drinks and T.L.C. Your partner will be able to recognise the changes in labour and know when to call the midwife or prepare to leave for the hospital.  During this day we will be covering the basic physiology and anatomy of birth, the cascade of hormone, the breath – ‘hypnobreathing’, sound, visualisations, movement, massage and postures to assist the labour process.  We will introduce  you to the benefits of Shiatsu pressure points, homoeopathy, essential oils, birth balls and water birth.

For more details and cost email

 A Doula :  As a registered Doula I have now attended many births offering support to the woman and her partner during the weeks before birth and during the labour itself.  If you are considering having support from a doula look at the above website.  Equally contact me direct and we can discuss the merits and possibly arrange to meet.  See my details on