Kathleen’s Yoga offers general yoga, prenatal pregnancy yoga, post natal recovery yoga (with your baby), and one to one yoga sessions for men and women.

Kathleen is a registered Shiatsu Practitioner and offers Shiatsu treatments from her studio.  Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy.  It can help in a wide range of conditions – from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health and a sense of being deeply relaxed.

Kathleen’s Studio is Based in Streatham London SW16 classes are easily accessed from Tooting,  Balham,  West Norwood,  Streatham Hill, and surrounding areas. Kathleen’s influences in Yoga have come from Vini Yoga Practice (T.K.V. Desikachar) and Scarevelli Teachers:  Sandra Sabatini, John & Lolly Stirk, Sophie Hoare.

Kathleen is part of Yogabirth – a Professional Associatiation of Yoga & Childbirth Educators

Yoga for Pregnancy Classes offer a safe, effective and integrated form of yoga carefully adapted for you to practice from 12 weeks of pregnancy up to the birth of your baby.  A specialist class which offers a wealth of knowledge  about pregnancy and birth developed over 30 years of Active Birth and Yogabirth.

“Attending the Yoga classes gave me confidence to know what I wanted during my labour.  I focused on my breathing and used positions we did in the classes”.  As a Doula Kathleen has attended many births since teaching pregnancy yoga because I feel if you are offering women classes and information you need to experience being with women and their partner’s and not just rely on your own birth experience.

For video of Yoga in Pregnancy on YouTube visit www.yogabirth.org & Kathleen’s yoga and shiatsu You Tube Video.

Please check the class times and cost on the relevant pages of this website?   If it is your 1st time attending a Pregnancy Yoga class please arrive 10 minutes before the class to fill in a registration form.  Thanks Kathleen


Monthly Yoga Class

Scaravelli inspired……

A 2 hour Yoga Class



The Theme – Flexibility, this does not happen with strong stretching and pushing but ‘Release’ making space and small oscillating, and pandiculating movements to find that release – just like having a good yawn !

Venue : Kathleen’s Studio 41 Stanthorpe Road London SW16 2DZ

Kathleen Beegan: Yoga Teacher &  Shiatsu Practitioner kathleenbeegan@hotmail.com

0775 370 0435

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