Now that Covid Restrictions have been lifted you are welcome to join in person if you wish to join my Pregnancy Yoga Classes please email : If you feel unwell at all please do a Lateral Flow Test before you attend a class for the sake of other women please.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes :
Wednesdays 7.00 – 8.15 p.m.

Cost: All online classes cost £12.00                        6 consecutive £72 classes paid after attending the 1st class. I offer a Concessionary rate of £9 if you are on a low income. I offer a drop-in rate of £14.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practise yoga. It helps to keep the body supple without straining. Breath Awareness and mindfulness helps you to relax, improves circulation and will help to relieve the pain of labour in childbirth because your focus will be on the breath creating this hypnotic state. YogaBirth classes provide not ‘just an exercise class’, but offer pregnancy yoga together with a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth. This helps you to prepare for the transition to parenthood, both physically and emotionally.  I am now also able to offer Birth Preparation Sessions for you and your Partner this session is useful whether your 1st Pregnancy 2nd or 3rd.  It is very practical and involves massage &positions through labour.

Please join my (closed Facebook Group) Kathleen’s Yoga & Shiatsu the icon is 2 women sitting back to back as below) – I post information on birth, breastfeeding and parenting.  Xx


YogaBirth teachers offer regular weekly classes for pregnant women. Our classes include:

  • Yoga
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing – Hypnobreathing.
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Information about pregnancy and birth
  • Discussion


YogaBirth offers a safe, integrated form of yoga, carefully adapted for women to practice from twelve weeks of pregnancy up to the birth. Adjustments and modifications can be individually tailored so that no previous experience of yoga is necessary to join a class.

Yoga brings a sense of mental well-being as well as physical well-being. Yoga helps you to relax and focus; by practicing yoga you can tune into the changes in your body as your baby grows inside you. Many of the common discomforts that might arise during pregnancy may be eased by the practice of yoga, such as:-

  • Backache
  • Pelvic pain
  • Heartburn
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Leg cramp
  • Sore ribs
  • Shortness of breath
Post Natal Yoga (recovery) Classes: Everyone who comes to the yoga classes during their pregnancy will be sent an e-mail giving details about the Post Natal classes. Women bring their baby’s to this class and the focus is on the mother’s post natal recovery, pelvic floor, core muscles, shoulders and lower back issues. These classes are open to women who did not attend the prenatal yoga classes. Classes are 1hr 30 mins x 6 cost £90. My Concessionary rate is 6 classes £60. This class is open to any woman who has recently had a baby . Individual sessions can be arranged. Baby Massage:   At 2 of the post natal session there is a 30 minute session on baby massage using some acupressure points.
.Contact Kathleen Beegan if you have any questions on kathleenbeegan@hotmail.comor 07753700435Approved by the Director of Midwifery GSTT NHS Foundation Trust.